WALTER books is an independent bookstore located in the city of Arnhem (NL), dedicated to offering a curated selection of books* that critically and emphatically investigate the world around us. From small-press fiction to critical theory, from overlooked sci-fi to much appreciated non-fiction: WALTER books welcomes the adventurous and engaged reader. Also, don’t forget to pet the dog when you come in.    


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*WALTER offers books both in English and Dutch.



Walter, the dog. Loud but friendly.

Walter, the dog. Loud but friendly.


WALTER books further aims to consider the collective potential of reading by organizing lectures, discussion groups or debates on a certain topic or book. During these events in our own bookstore, WALTER is both organizer and host. However, we sometimes abandon the walls of our store and venture out to other places, either to coproduce discourses with dedicated partner organisations or to offer a carefully curated selection of books during exhibitions, festivals and lectures, both in and outside of Arnhem.


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Gloria Wekker presenting her book White Innocence at WALTER , October 19 2017


Pascal Gielen after his talk at WALTER on ‘the Art of Civil Action’, November 30 2017

WALTER @ Focus Filmtheater Arnhem, organizing a screening of I Am Not Your Negro with an introduction by Wayne Modest.

WALTER @ Focus Filmtheater Arnhem, organizing a screening of I Am Not Your Negro with an introduction by Wayne Modest.


Ewald Engelen giving a speech on WALTER’s one year anniversary, February 2017


Simone van Saarloos presenting her book Het Monogame Drama at WALTER, September 23, 2016


Our temporary bookstand at Focus Filmtheater, selling books at the screening of I Am Not Your Negro

Because we believe in a physical meeting of minds, WALTER doesn’t underestimate the importance of the physicality of printed matter, of ink, paper and weight. That is why we also value books for their feel, smell and design. So it may come as no surprise that behind the front of the bookstore, WALTER houses a graphic design studio and quite literal underground RISO-laboratory where experiments surrounding WALTER’s visual communications are being developed and content is translated to printed matter by Corine on her wonderful A3 RISO printer (nickname: risowiso).  


Are you looking for a way to print your own RISO magazine/poster/pamphlet/art project: look no further! Corine is happy to help and our risowiso (and its seven funky colors!) is ready for business. You can learn more by sending an email to Corine at


Kunstlicht, designed by Corine and printed with RISO cover.