Because we believe in a physical meeting of minds, WALTER doesn’t underestimate the importance of the physicality of printed matter, of ink, paper and weight. That is why we also value books for their feel, smell and design. So it may come as no surprise that behind the front of the bookstore, WALTER houses a graphic design studio and quite literal underground RISO-laboratory where experiments surrounding WALTER’s visual communications are being developed and content is translated to printed matter by Corine on her wonderful A3 RISO printer (nickname: risowiso).  


Are you looking for a way to print your own RISO magazine/poster/pamphlet/art project: look no further! Corine is happy to help and our risowiso (and its seven funky colors!) is ready for business. You can learn more by sending an email to Corine at


Kunstlicht, designed by Corine and printed with RISO cover.